Book Review Listing

Fiction:                                                                                                   View by cover art
Immanuel's Veins-Ted Dekker.  5 Pens 
Eye of the Oracle-Bryan Davis.  4.5 Pens 
Enoch's Ghost-Bryan Davis.   4 Pens 
Last of the Nephilim-Bryan Davis.  4 Pens
The Bones of Makaidos-Bryan Davis.  5 Pens 
Starlighter-Bryan Davis.  4 Pens
Masters and Slayers-Bryan Davis. 4.5 Pens
The Twelfth Imam-Joel C Roseberg.  4.5 Pens
Venom and Song-Wayne Thomas Batson & Christopher Hopper.  4 Pens
The Vanishing Sculptor-Donita K. Paul.  4 Pens
Dragons of the Valley-Donia K. Paul.  2.5 Pens
Dragonspell-Donita K. Paul.  4 Pens
Chaos-Ted Dekker. 4 Pens
Invasion-Jon S. Lewis.  4 Pens
Chosen-Ted Dekker.  3.5 Pens
Infidel-Ted Dekker.  3.5 Pens
Renegade-Ted Dekker. 3 Pens   
Swords of the Six-Scott Appleton.  3.5 Pens  
Hell and Back: The First Death-SC Sherman.  3.5 Pens
The Skin Map-Stephen Lawhead.  3 Pens
The Ruins of Gorlan-John Flanagan.  2 Pens
The Chasm-Randy Alcorn.  Highly Recommended.

Non Fiction:
Outlive Your Life-Max Lucado.  5 Pens
A Century Turns-William Bennet.  4 Pens 
The Grace of God-Andy Stanley.  4 Pens
Desiring God-John Piper. 4 Pens
God's Promises...-Dr. Richard G. Lee and Jack Countryman.  4 Pens
Max on Life-Max Lucado.  2 Pens