Monday, April 4, 2011

Chaos-Ted Dekker

This is so far my favorite of the series.  Chaos really keeps the reader plugged in from start to finish and doesn't let you go.  You'll definitely want to read the previous books before diving into this one though.

A final quest and an ultimate betrayal.  Deep in the mountains of Romania stands a fortress, and deep within that fortress lies a chamber. In that chamber, ruling the dead for over two thousand years, lives one Shataiki bat straight from the bowels of the Black Forest. He seeks the final Books of History with which he will destroy the world.  But there are four who stand in the way.The chosen are trapped in a new world of high technology and weapons of mass destruction. In the midst of chaos, they must find the last book before the Dark One can in this final test to save the world.
 If you've been following along with my reviews for this particular series you've probably noticed a distinctive feature about them.  I've been pretty harsh on all of them.  That's because they were pretty bad.  Thankfully, Chaos allows me to give a mostly positive review.
One thing Dekker sets himself apart is in his realism.  Everything comes to life.  It's because he treats every word in his stories as if it was real.  This shows in Chaos.  It starts out with Johnis and Silvie, two of the series main characters finding themselves on the fringe of Las Vegas.  While many other authors may play the whole people-from-another-world idea up too far, Ted does just enough.  Sure, he makes us understand their uncomfortable and how different it is, but he keeps it as a side note.
I also liked the way he wrote this book in contrast to the others.  The plot was short compared to the other ones, but it kept the same page length.  How is that possible?  I've pointed out how the other books felt like the writing was rushed and it felt minimal.  This book on the other hand, wasn't rushed.  Dekker took his time writing this book for what it was.  A short book part of a large series.  But a book that wasn't rushed.  Much better then the others.
I really don't have much to say on character development and plot.  Dekker always has always had those nailed down, and he did just as great in this book.
Overall, I give the book 4 pens (stars)