Monday, March 26, 2012

Offspring-Scott Appleton

Offspring is the second book in The Sword of the Dragon series.  You can view my review of the first book, Swords of the Six,

"With Ilfedo's beloved wife buried, the Hemmed Land is destined to change, as is he.

The sea serpents have again invaded the land, and Ilfedo must discover the power behind the sword of the dragon, even as he accepts his people's call to become their Lord Warrior.  His daughter grows into a beautiful young woman whose wisdom and love endears her to the people, and sets her on a journey to find a race of unique and powerful creatures.

But far to the north an evil long ago stirred, and Letrias's workings soon threaten everything Ilfedo holds dear."
From back cover

Scott Appleton has improved in his craft.  Whereas Swords of the Six left me with a bad impression on the technicalities of some of his writing-much simply seeming unpolished-Offspring shows remarkable improvement.  While there is still room for improvement, it is leaps and bounds above his last entry.