Review Policy

Review Policy
Welcome to The Narrowing Road!  I’m always happy to review books and am always very excited to get the chance to read a new book.  I would be thrilled to accept a review copy from authors or publishers alike.
If you are interested in having me review a book, interview an author, or hold a contest for a book giveaway you can email me at smr411[at]gmail[dot]com.
Genres I am interested in reviewing:
  1. Young Adult Christian Fantasy
  2. Fantasy (Christian or secular)
  3. Science Fiction (Christian or secular)
  4. Speculative Fiction of any sort

Process of reviewing:
It generally takes me a month at most to read a book and write a review.  Often it can take as little as one week but some books take as long as a month to two months depending on the circumstances.  I cannot guarantee a positive review as I try to give the most honest review as I can.  As a courtesy to the author and the publisher of the book I also put my review on such sites as Amazon, Goodreads, Borders and other book-sites.
My reviews are usually five hundred to seven hundred words, but if I don’t have very much to say about the book I reserve the right to write a much smaller review.
In the review I include links of places where to buy, the author's personal site and the book trailer if available.

Author interviews and guest posts:
If you would like me to conduct an author interview either in addition to a book review or by itself please let me know.  I usually like to do a review with the author interview as to give the reader both sides of the author.

My Personal View:
I am a Christian and I don’t mind saying it.  Following my Lord Jesus with all my heart I cannot help if my reviews or interviews are biased to any extent.  On secular titles I like to give my readers a warning if the book is not Christian or if it contains objectionable content to Christians.  For Christian titles I will do the same as even if a book is called ‘Christian’ doesn’t automatically make it suitable for all readers.

Note:  The only problem as of right now, is I don't accept digital copies.  I do not yet own an e-Reader and cannot spend such amount of time on the computer as to read an entire book.