Thursday, June 30, 2011

Max on Life-Max Lucado

We have questions. Child-like inquiries. And deep, heavy ones.
In more than twenty-five years of writing and ministry, Max Lucado has been the receiving line for thousands of such questions. The questions come in letters, e-mails, even on Dunkin Donuts napkins. In Max on Life he offers thoughtful answers to more than 150 of the most pressing questions on topics ranging from hope to hurt, from home to the hereafter.

Max writes about the role of prayer, the purpose of pain, and the reason for our ultimate hope. He responds to the day-to-day questions-parenting quandaries, financial challenges, difficult relationships-as well as to the profound: Is God really listening?
A special addendum includes Max's advice on writing and publishing.
Including topical and scriptural indexes and filled with classic Lucado encouragement and insight, Max on Life will quickly become a favorite resource for pastors and ministry leaders as well as new and mature believers.

While the premise was great-Max Lucado, the author of many bestsellers, answering questions on questions of great weight in varying topics.  Well, the premise was great.  It just failed to deliver.  I adored the last book I read by him, which was Outlive Your Life.  I loved it.  This book, on the other hand, meandered and didn't ever get into something you couldn't hear a thousand times growing up in a Christian church.
The questions were separated into topics, such as 'Hope, Hurt, Him/Her...' which was helpful, yet if I were trying to find the answer to a specific question, I would have to search it by hand, as that's as specific as it goes.  Also, I don't understand why, but for some reason all the sections started with an H.  Although really unimportant, I felt that it in a very minor way, that hurt the book.  Maybe if the H had a reason then it would be different, but I feel like they were just in a meeting someday and said something along the lines of "Hey, the first topic is Hope, the second topic is Hurt, and the third is Him/Her..." *guy thinks for a moment* "Why don't we just start them all with an H!" *guy feels like he has a great idea that will make the book sell billions and billions, when in reality, he just needs to take a nap*.  Maybe a little exaggerated, but you get the point.  It's really unnecessary.
Overall, I just never really felt the book delivered.  Love the author.  Didn't really find anything good in the book.  Maybe it would be good for a bathroom book, where you feel like picking up and reading up on a specific problem that you most likely don't have at the moment.  You know, that kind of moment?

I give it 2 Pens.

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