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Masters and Slayers-Bryan Davis

Bryan Davis is currently writing/releasing two separate yet closely intertwined series that relate to each other, yet have their own individual storyline's.  Masters and Slayers begins the storyline of the adult series while Starlighter begins the storyline for the young adult series.  So far I believe he has pulled off this stunt magnificently.

Masters and Slayers
[From back cover]
Expert swordsman Adrian Masters attempts a dangerous journey to another world to rescue human captives who have been enslaved there by dragons.  He is accompanied by Marcelle, a sword maiden of amazing skill whose ideas about how the operation should be carried out conflict with his own.  Since the slaves have been in bonds for generations, they have no memory of their origins, making them reluctant to believe the two would-be rescuers, and, of course, the dragons will crush any attempt to emancipate the slaves.  Set on two worlds separated by a mystical portal, Masters and Slayers is packed with action, mystery, and emotional turmoil, a tale of heart and life that is sure to inspire.


Masters and Slayers has a slow starting plot that will satisfy anyone who sticks it out long enough to enjoy it.  Bryan Davis' books have always had one key problem with me as a reader.  I can never stick with them long.  While they may have amazing plot, great characters, and fantastic craft in the field of writing, I'm just never hooked for long.  I would say that it is because of my attention span, but I don't have that problem with most other fiction.  Despite this little personal beef with the book, the plot was fantastic.  It melded in perfectly with the world started by Starlighter and it satisfied me in a huge way.


While any long-time Davis fan knows that none of his protagonist's have flaws, they also understand that he makes up for it in other ways.  One of the ways that I always enjoy is their strong stand in chivalry.  This was apparent from the start to the end.  The first scene shows Adrian giving up victory without a fight to a woman.  A woman who he knew would mock him for it.  Later on he takes a sacrifice that would almost certainly give him death for the same lass, Marcelle, who caused the problem he sacrificed for.  It inspires me.  In the current world where chivalry isn't as popular as it used to be and where, dare I say, women's rights have nearly killed any chance to show chivalry, it is great to experience it in some way.
Besides this the characters are also shown to always be ready to risk everything for their mission.  A imperishable drive to achieve victory over something that is nearly impossible to defeat.

{I would have done a writing craft section, but due to the fact that Bryan Davis has nearly perfect skill in his field, I have left it blank)


Bryan Davis has crafted another remarkable book.  With incredible characters, a great world-actually, two worlds-and an amazing plotline, it is definitely worth picking up.  I would recommend that anyone really wanting to get into this book and this series, also give Starlighter a go.  You can find my review of it here.

4.5 Pens

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