Monday, June 20, 2011

iShine Bible Review

This is my first time reviewing a Bible, so bear with me ;).  There are two versions, a girls version, and a guy's version (pictured below).   I'll be reviewing the special parts of the book, the cover, and general feel of the both editions.  With that in mind, here goes nothing...
Not actual cover

Cover and Quality:

The Bible itself is a lower quality leather that uses varying shades of blue and yellow for the guys and pink and white for the girls to create an appeal that attracts their target audience, pre-teens.  The size of the Bible is nice, it allows for you to throw it in a bag and bring it with you but also allows you to have a decent sized Bible for regular reading.  For a portable Bible it's nice, but personally I prefer a bigger sized Bible for my regular reading.  However, it feels nice and it could be just the thing some people would want.

Special Content:

Both Bibles have three short eight page sections that are focused on their audience.  They feature a few designs and images to keep the reader's interest, although in all honesty I found the design a little corny.  The messages were nice and although typical, they got the job done.  None of the content was really heavy or too inspiring but it could provoke thoughts that could lead someone to faith.  Overall, while it was nice, it's not fantastic.

In the end, it doesn't really stand out too much.  None of the content really spoke to me (but I'm also not a pre-teen, their target audience) and the feel of the book isn't outstanding, but it is leather.  I probably won't pick this Bible up again, I might give it to my little cousin and I already gave the girl version to my sister, but for those looking for a nice gift to a pre-teen friend, son/daughter, or niece/nephew, it would definitely be an option to consider.

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