Thursday, July 7, 2011

Candid Room Tag

So this is actually a tag I was wanting to do a long time ago but never got around to it.  Everyone who follows Chris's blog was tagged, so well here it is.  I actually had to track down that post, being that he changed sites and I didn't actually know the new one.  I eventually found it after some Googling and scrolling and more Googling.
Since my room is so tight I took multiple pictures.

My bed/desk area.  You can barely make out the Curse of the Spider King poster I won from the ARG a while back at the very left area.

A portion of my bookshelf.  Below that there's about one more full shelf.  Above the shelf is a poster of the capitol which actually looks quite cool.  I picked it up in D.C..  To the right is a Dawn Treader poster and below that is a bunch of papers that I should probably look at again some day.

Here's a closer up picture of my desk.  Got an extra monitor hooked up to my laptop and next to that all of my to-read books minus one.  I'm not sure if anyone will guess that background image on the laptop.  We'll see ;).  In the back is a drawing of a Slade-a weapon from a book I was writing a while back.  To the right of that is a family tree.  To the right of those are two drawings, one of a castle and one of a landscape.  Neither one very good haha.

And so that's my room.  My work area as well.  And I tag everyone that reads this/dare everyone that reads this to post an image of your room/work/reading area.  Then link back from here!


Jake said...

Well, that's interesting. I bother to read peoples' posts and I get tagged as a result. Great. ;) Well, let's see what happens. Shall borrow my sister's camera.

Millardthemk said...

Ouhh..I admit I'm tempted O_o

Loved seeing your flop pad Seth, the bed is pretty rusticly cool looking. Now we know where the writing magicks happen.

Seth said...

@Jake, Aye, that is the danger ;) I actually just used my phone, that's why the quality isn't so fantastic.

@Millard, Thanks man, yeah, the magick happens write here (see what I did there? ;]) You should definitely do it.