Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Making of the Review (Part Two)

If you have not already done so, read the post The Making of the Review (Part One), it'll give you some context for the rest of this post.

This is the second part of a two-part series in which I'm going to try to explain to you guys how to start out a book blog.  Where I get the books you get books to review, what you should consider when reviewing, and in general, what happens to become a book review blogger.  Today I'm gonna focus on how you define your style.

There's many ways you can review a book, mostly based on your style, but if I could at least give one definitive tip, DON'T write a book report, or a recap.  You can make your own description to put at the beginning of the review, you can take one off the back cover, but make sure your post is a book review, not a book report.  We want to hear what you thought of the book, not a longer or shorter version of what we can find on any bookseller website or the back cover.

The rest mostly depends on your personal style.  When I write a review I focus on a few main parts of the book.  I focus on the plot, characters/character development, settings, themes, and the author's level of ability in writing.  There may be other parts of a book that you notice more often, and want to point them out in a book.  That's part of your style.  You have to develop your own style.  If your reviews are bland then no one's going to care too much for them.  They can get a bland review anywhere.  You gotta stand out.

I'll be back next time with my process of reading and writing a review.

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