Saturday, August 14, 2010

Enoch's Ghost-Bryan Davis

If you haven’t read the Dragons in our Midst series then you can still read the Oracles of Fire series.  They draw off of each other.  However, if I had a choice, I would read Dragons in our Midst before reading this.  Either way I think you’ll deeply enjoy the series as in drawing off each other they delve into the world of the unknown.

Enoch’s Ghost, the second book in the Oracles of Fire series, picks up the exciting Dragons in our Midst story where Tears of a Dragon and Eye of the Oracle series ended.
Walter, Ashley, and Karen ride the dragon Thigocia in search of her son, Gabriel, and her long-lost mate, Makaidos. When Walter and Ashley find an army of giants hibernating in the depths of the earth, they meet a mysterious girl named Sapphira Adi who claims to be thousands of years old. Sapphira reveals a sinister plot, conceived centuries ago by Morgan Le Faye and the devil himself.
The giants awaken and ascend to the Earth, ready to carry out a scheme that threatens the entire cosmos, and only dragons can defeat them. Since two dragons remain on the earth, and one of them is reluctant to fight, doom seems certain. Still, there is hope. In another world, a former dragon awakens to a new existence and learns that a prophesied deliverance requires the death of a willing lamb, and a handicapped little girl who wants to die to end everyone’s suffering, including her own, steps forward as the only candidate for the sacrifice.
The greatest of dangers, building to a climax in three different worlds, meets the power of love and sacrifice in Enoch’s Ghost.

The plot was more engaging and intense than any other book I’ve yet read by Mr. Davis.  So much that I had to take a break midway through.  My mind was spinning, and I had to rest before jumping in again.  That was just me.  I still don’t think there is such a thing as too much suspense or intensity in a novel.  The author simply does not let up-and there is nothing wrong with that.
For the sake of not giving out spoilers I’ll simply say that the plot was interesting.

Enoch’s Ghost has a vast cast of characters.  A cast that consists of characters ranging from Dragons in our Midst, Eye of the Oracle and new characters that we’ve never met.
It’s a very difficult task to make a reader love and feel attached to that many characters (more then fifteen to be precise).  If I knew beforehand that there were this many characters I would have doubts.  I was happily surprised the author pulled it off.

As usual, Bryan Davis’ craft is great.  If there is anything wrong with the writing in this book it would be that it is too fast-paced.  As I said before, the author does not let up.  For some this can be a little much.  Some people need a novel to be balanced with fast and slow scenes.  Other then this little ‘glitch’ the novel was very well written.
My diagnosis?  Great book.  One of the few books I’ve read in a matter of a few days.  A day and a half to be precise.  I’m not a fast reader so to have a book read in less then two days says something about a book.
I definitely recommend reading this book.
My rating: 4 Pens

Genre: Young Adult Christian Fantasy
Intended age group:  12-15 (but can easily extend in either direction)
First in four part series (More reviews forthcoming)
Where to buy:  AmazonChristianBook, or authors website (signed if requested).
You can get in contact with the author by going to his website where you can go to the very active forum, check out fan art or go to his blog.

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