Monday, August 9, 2010

Blogger Design-Day One

I originally read this tutorial from The Neverending Shelf.
Today I want to focus on what was one of my favorite things to change.  The Favicon.  It may not seem very important but it adds a little bit of individuality and uniqueness to your blog.
1}The first thing you need to do is to find an image you would like to use.  The image should be sized at 16 x 16 to 32 x 32 in order to fit properly (however I just took mine from it's full size and it worked fine, so I'm not completely sure if that's necessary).  The image needs to be saved as a jpg, png, or a gif file.
Once you have the image upload it into an online photo account such as PhotoBucket.  If the image is exactly how you need it and you found the image online, you can simply right click the photo and then go to 'View Image' and it will take you to your link.  Here's the link I used for my image:
2}Make sure you have the link for the image copied to your clipboard before you go to the next step.
3}Now, go into your blogger account.  Go to 'Layout' or 'Design' and then click 'Edit HTML'.
4}Press CTRL+F and then search the head tag '</head>'
Directly above this tag paste the following code:

<link href='image URL' rel='shortcut icon'/>

In the middle of the above code where it says 'image URL' delete and in it's place put your image URL.  Press 'Preview' and see if it is how you would like it to look.  If it is, press save and 'Wazzam!' you've got yourself a custom Favicon.

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