Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Interview with Wayne Thomas Batson

Wayne Thomas Batson is the author of seven novels and will very soon be releasing his eighth, Sword in the Stars.  He is the author of the The Door Within Trilogy, The Isle of Swords and The Isle of Fire, and The Berinfell Prophecies.  I'm happy to welcome Mr. Batson to The Narrowing Road to answer some questions on his writing life.

Seth-You have now published seven novels, and will be publishing your eighth novel very soon.  How did you get into the chaotic world of publishing and writing?
Wayne Thomas Batson-It was 2004, and I'd been working on a novel for over 10 years at that point, but never gotten a contract. My agent wanted me to come to a publishing convention (now called ICRS), so I went. He arranged for me to meet about a dozen acquisition editors and one of them, Thomas Nelson, liked the concept I had for The Door Within. Months later, I had my first contract.

Seth-Your newest book, Sword in the Stars, is set to release shortly, what can you tell us about that?
Wayne Thomas Batson-I can't wait--that's one thing. lol Seriously, this story has been itching my brain for 8 years. It is a HUGE tale that will be told over 7 books in the series. Sword in the Stars kicks off the epic journey by introducing Alastair Coldhollow, a former assassin who, while battling an addiction to witchdrale and fighting off the attention of a beautiful village girl, is also soul searching and searching for the Halfainin, the fabled Pathwalker who can purge Alastair's haunting conscience. Add to that twin brother kings who take sibling rivalry to a whole new level, a hilarious tournament talent search, a monstrous army perhaps planning world takeover...and you've got yourself a story.

Seth-With teaching, writing and everything in between, how often do you actually get to sit down and read for fun? 
Wayne Thomas Batson-Between deadlines and in the summer is when I catch up on reading. I'm also reading The Lord of the Rings for about the 15-16th time. lol

Seth-There is some controversy over the topic of Seat-Of-The-Pants writing and Outlining in the world of writing.  What is your opinion on the topic?  
Wayne Thomas Batson-I'm not sure it's a controversy, really. It's more of a style of writing that works for you. I'm an outliner because I found that SotP writing took me WAY too long and forced far too many rewrites. But there are many successful writers who use either style. For younger writers, I always advocate outlining b/c it virtually eliminates writer's block.

Seth-What is your favorite part about the process of writing a book?  From the spark of inspiration in your mind to the novel in your hand. 
Wayne Thomas Batson-Definitely the invention stage. This is where the initial kernel concept of the story explodes into a wild and rangy beast, and it's all I can do to keep up with the events of the story as they pop into sequence.

Seth-In your opinion, what is the single most important thing an author, published or aspiring can do?
Wayne Thomas Batson-Keep writing. If you really love storytelling and you have ideas, you just have to be disciplined and get your butt in the chair.

Seth-Rumors have been buzzing around a fourth installment in the Door Within Trilogy for a few years now-is there anything you can confirm or anything you would like to comment on regarding this topic?  
Wayne Thomas Batson-Well, if there is going to be another DW book, it might be a while. My current publisher seems content with the series as is. I may look elsewhere or even consider publishing it as an eBook. We'll see. There is a deep part of me that wants to explore the Realm Beyond the Sun, to give readers a "glimpse" of just what kind of adventures await us there.

Seth-What’s your favorite food or drink?
Wayne Thomas Batson-I am shamefully addicted to nachos. Cheese, peppers, onions, cheese, chili--bring it!

Seth-Is there anything else you would like to say?
Wayne Thomas Batson-Thanks for the opportunity to say one thing more. I guess I just want my readers to know that, while there is an element of discipline and effort that goes into writing, all credit and glory goes to God. What do I have that He has not given me? If it weren't for Him, I might not have been the last born child in my family; I might not have been born to parents who read voraciously; I might not have been captivated by Star Wars and the Hobbit; and I might not have been encouraged every step of the way to try.

Thanks again for taking the time to answer some questions, Mr. Batson.  If you'd like to purchase any of his books they are available at as well as most christian and mainstream bookstores.  You can see what he's up to in the crazy world of writing at his blog, Enter the Door Within.