Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm not your everyday superhero...

I am THE superhero.  Wondering what I mean?  Yeah, me too.

Actually, the title and that little phrase above where your reading now has nothing to do with this post.  Unless you think I'm a superhero, in which case you can email me at

No, what this post is about is well, only one small thing really.  I've been doing consistent reviews now for a month or two and I've noticed things about various blogs and book review sites.  Their reviews are much shorter.  And they're not broken down into sections as mine are.  My question to you, the non-superhero everyday Iron Man/Batman (no superpowers) is do you prefer my reviews continue as are, or would you rather I shorten them to like, 100-200 words and a small description?  Or a combination of both?