Saturday, February 13, 2010

What is your CD Player?

Today I was looking for an old PC game I used to play that I had lost some time back, and while I was looking through the CD's trying to find just that one, I remembered something.  One Christmas about five or more years ago I got a board game(I believe) for a present, while all my older cousins and brother got a CD player.  Now, before going on you have to understand that in my extended family I am the middle child, not exactly in the group of older cousins, and too old to be considered one of the younger cousins.  So, I was always trying to do what the older kids were doing.
So when all the older kids got fancy CD players and I got a board game I wasn't exactly thrilled.  So after much complaining to my parents my dad took me to the Wal-Mart and traded back the board game for a CD player.  Naturally I was really happy, but how long did it last?
The moral of the story is that even though my parents thought I'd enjoy a board game more than a CD player (if they thought I would have enjoyed a CD player more they would have gotten me one) I wanted what the majority wanted.  So, why am I telling all of you this?  Because, when I was looking through all those CD's a thought came on me, that or God let me see this situation in a new light.  I gave up what would last for something that was 'in'.  How often do we do this in our lives?
How often do we ignore what the Lord wants for us to get something that is just a fading moment.  In case you haven't heard CD players aren't used very much anymore.  The new thing is an iPod, the CD player was just a passing thing, how long do you think the iPod will last though?  It seems to be sticking, but I am pretty sure something new will come soon.
Back to the point though.  I think we often get off track of what God wants for us, for something that the is hip in the world.  We need to remember that God is the only One that can see the whole picture.


Storyteller said...

Great musings, Steadfast. You are absolutely correct.

Seth said...

Thank you Silverloom!