Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Word War 6.8.10


Tonight we're doing a Word War!  We'll be starting at eight o' clock eastern time and going until nine.  I know of at least one other person besides myself who will be going for another hour after nine until ten, so if you want to stick around for another one, go ahead.
Basically how Word War's work is we wait until the start time (eight), then we sit down at your computer and type like a maniac on whatever you may be working on.  I'll be writing in my book, Tales of a Rider, but you can also be writing essay's, articles, poems, anything.  After one hour is up we post our total word count in the comments section and see who got the most.
I bid you good luck... Er, Endurance and Victory.


Nathan R. Petrie said...

The Chains of Hethra. Book One of The Guardian's Tree Trilogy. Starting word count for chapter 3. Well....I'm not sure what it will be by tonight. LOL Probably zero.

See you on FB!

Seth said...

Tales of a Rider, Book One. Word count: 59 (haven't been able to do much in this chapter yet lol). I'm hoping to get about half of the chapter done tonight, so about 2500 words in two hours. 1250 each hour. Probably not going to happen, so either I'll do a little before and after, or I won't meet my goal. Hehe, I'm not that fast at writing.

Anonymous said...

YESSSSSS!!! I'm in the perfect mood for a word war. Trouble is I might be busy early tonight... but I might be able to make it for the 9-10 EST battle.


Aidan Romero said...

I'll be in.

PROJECT: Hunter Romero and the Atlantean Curse

Word Count:28,141

Barie said...

I won't have internet access, but I'll most likely be writing along with you all! I'll post my success next time I have internet . . I'm guessing in three days or so. I'm not sure what I'll work on but it'll be either:

The Show of Catiline (my dark circus short story) word count: 3771

Book (my yet untitled book, once referred to as DKtGD) word count: 20809

Jake said...

Ah, I cannot today. :(

Perhaps on a Friday? :D I'm busy tonight.

Seth said...

Only ten minutes until we start.

Melissa Rose said...

I'll join until dinner and possibly rejoin after. I'm working on a short story, currently at 616 words.

Melissa Rose said...

I wrote another 651 words. I'll probably be back later.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

yeah....pretty sure I need to quit for the remainder of the 8-9 war. I'm going to work on a brief outline to get me through from 9-10.

So far I've typed nearly 400 words. But I scratched 200 of that.

Hope you all do better than I did!

Seth said...

I got 836 words done. I don't know if I'll be continuing for the next hour.

Anonymous said...

Plague and pestilence; I missed it. :( I was too busy. I am most eager to participate in the next one.