Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tribe Building Challenge Two

Authors Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper are at it again!  Tribe Building was a huge success and a ton of fun last year and it's starting up again.
Last year Swiftstorm was a major player in the challenge and we're determined to do it again.  I have decided to lead Swiftstorm in this challenge and I would gladly accept anyone wanting to join me.  Go to Wayne Thomas Batson's blog for more information on the contest.  Email me at if you're interested.
Tons of rewards such as free books, parties, swords (yes, I did say swords), and more!


Storyteller said...

WAHOOO!!! That's great! Congrats, Tribe Leader. I'm afraid I won't be able to join in on the fun this time, but I'm sure Swiftstorm will do great! Endurance and victory!

Nathan R. Petrie said...

WOOT! Glad it's going on again, even if it will suck all my time away :D

Let the games begin!