Friday, January 29, 2010

Blog Kick-Off!

Well, I now have a blog.  So, to kick it off, I'm going to give some of my book away, well, not copyright wise, but a sneak peek with the prologue.  I'm also going to give a quick overview of the book I'm writing, and finally, I'm going to post the prologue of my book.  I know, quite a bit about my book right?  Well, yeah, it is lol, but I'm hoping it won't always be that way, however I will keep y'all up to date.

So, now on to the overview of my book.  In my book, Legends(working title) it is about a world that has forgotten their Creator.  They haven't lost all their history, just anything relating to the One that was once their God.  So, when they're lives are threatened by this ancient, incredible evil, they look to an ancient Book of Legend that has been told to have ancient power, but the book has been lost over time, so they must embark on a quest to save their world, putting all their faith in one small book.  So a group of dignitaries start out on an epic quest while the kingdoms of their realm prepare for all out war with an evil they cannot defeat.

So that's the premise of my book!  And to finish off this post I'm going to post a sample of my book, the prologue.


It was the dead of night and in the middle of wild land, miles away from civilization. The dark of the woods fading behind him, Zach galloped into the night unaware of any followers. Zach shivered; the fate of all of Alsta was in his hands. They had told him to bring it and hide it here, in hopes that it would never be found. He settled into a light sleep, trying not to think of what was happening. Nearing the Kaz Mountains, Zach veered right to the sea of Sanza, where a small boat awaited his arrival. As the morning breeze from the sea rustled through Zach’s hair, he saw the bright burning sun begin to rise.
Zach was dismounting drowsily when he heard the crushing of crisp leaves under hard boots. Zach slowly turned around, as he heard a snap of a twig, then another, then some more leaves being crushed behind and all around him. It was hard to see in the still darkness of night, but after a few long seconds, he made out nearly fifteen foes. He saw at least five archers and at most ten swordsmen.
He was disgusted at the figures before him. They were covered in grimy filth, they smelt suffocating, so much so he actually found it hard to breath. They were Gruks. A shriek sounded in the wind “Give us the package, useless human. Give it to us and we will show you mercy,” said the leader.
“I will never give it to you! You cannot take it from me!” yelled Zach, as the Gruk closed in.
“We far outnumber you” the leader raised his hand and the archers drew their bows. “Give up now, or you will be pierced with five arrows before you can scream,” threatened the leader. Grunts and war cries sounded from the Gruk.
“No!” Zach in a smooth motion grabbed the horse’s neck, pulled himself up, and swung his legs around the horse’s body. He kicked the horse with his heel and the horse galloped to the towering Kaz Mountains. The scenery around him began to change as he entered the mountains. Stony path, cliffs abounded, peaks above the eyes reach were all around.
Looking behind, Zach found that the leader was following on his warhorse. Zach heard an arrow fly in the wind, then another, they both went to the left of him. Zach turned around and saw a large fire, but his vision blurred as he found himself falling with his horse. There were three arrows in the horses belly and one in the neck. As he gradually got his vision back, he also got up and started blindly running, mistakenly towards the fire.
When he got his vision restored completely, he looked around and found that many Gruk surrounded him and one masked person. The masked man walked near Zach, and spoke in a mystifying voice that only Zach could hear “Welcome noble human to my humble abode. I hope you find everything to your liking”.
Zach kept quiet. “Where is it?” now speaking loud enough for everyone to hear, the masked man was clearly losing patience, “I know you have it, give it to me.”
Zach was now feeling a little nervous, this masked man obviously knew about his mission “I don’t know what you’re talking about” replied Zach
“I’m losing patience! Give it to me now!” said the masked man.  I have three choices now, thought Zach, I can make a run for it, which I have a one percent chance of making, I can give the package to him however, that would does not guarantee my survival, but guarantees me unleashing the most dangerous weapon the world has ever seen, or I can let myself be killed - “Ughh!” Screamed Zach in agony as he felt the masked man’s sword drive through his torso.
“You are no use to me,” the masked man said as he pulled back the sword and cleaned it. And everything went black.

I've still got some work to do in editing it, but that's it right now. 

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